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Getting started with the Medicaid eligibility process can be confusing and frustrating.  Most people are trying to help a loved one qualify while at the same time trying to understand a process that they have never been through before. 

The challenges can be significant.  Using MMC provides many benefits and lets you focus your energy where it should really be - with your family.

MMC helps by providing:

Metro Medicaid Consultants is in the business of helping individuals and families find help through community resources.

The Top 3 Mistakes When Applying For Medicaid

Medicaid eligibility DenverMost people who apply for Medicaid benefits are doing it for the first time and don’t have a clear idea of the requirements of the program or how to plan to meet them. 

Here are some of the mistakes people make or some common misunderstandings of the program.

Medicaid Mistake No. 1

Relying on uneducated advice

It is amazing to us how many people will rely on the advice of their friends, neighbors, or in-laws when it comes to Medicaid. The same people who would never consider making an investment decision without consulting their financial advisor are more than willing to risk losing tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on decisions based on hearsay and guesswork.

Unfortunately, we have found that those who work in the field of senior services, no matter how good their intentions are, are just as susceptible to misinformation as the general public. Be very careful to avoid making decisions based on uneducated advice.

Medicaid Mistake No. 2

Submitting a Medicaid application either too early or too late

Applying for Medicaid too early can result in a longer ineligibility period in some instances. In fact, there are instances in which the simple act of applying one day too soon can lead to years of ineligibility.

On the other hand, applying for Medicaid too late can lead to the loss of many months of eligibility and the unnecessary loss of much of an estate. The proper timing of an application for Medicaid is crucial. Let us calculate the exact date that the Medicaid application should be submitted.

Medicaid Mistake No. 3

Attempting to hide assets

Sometimes families will attempt to hide assets or conveniently “forget” about them. Failure to disclose assets in order to obtain Medicaid benefits is a crime (Medicaid fraud) that could result in prosecution as well as legal action to recover the cost of benefits obtained fraudulently.

The Medicaid eligibility application process can be a long, drawn out and frustrating affair. It can seem even worse when it concerns the admission of patients into nursing homes, especially those who have assets that will need to be considered by the Department of Social Services.

The information that Medicaid requests to determine coverage can be overwhelming, and mistakes or delays along the way could be costly, sometimes putting undue burden on families that are trying to do the right thing. We work to make the Medicaid application process easy

It’s easy to work with us.  We know the way and we can provide answers to all your questions.  We have a variety of service offerings to match your family’s individual needs.  We work with you under a contracted fee for service basis matched to your requirements.

Working with us is an easy three-step process:

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It’s easy. We look forward to hearing from you.

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